Wood Pallet Design: The Key to Safe and Secure Shipments

In the United States alone, it’s estimated that 1.9 billion pallets are hard at work each day. Essential to supply chains, these unassuming platforms are busy transporting everything from your morning coffee to the high-tech components that help lift rockets into space. According to the Modern Material’s Handling Annual Pallet Report, nearly 90 percent of pallets used daily are made of wood.

So how do we make sure that Fox Valley Wood Products pallets can handle our customers’ needs? It’s all in the design.

Pallet capacity vs. shipment weight

Industrial paper pallet

No one wants to experience weak pallets or overpacked orders. Your pallet capacity must be capable of protecting and supporting your shipped goods, no matter the industry.

It’s difficult to overload any of our wood pallets, which are capable of supporting upward of 4,500 pounds. But we still need to factor in that each pallet will add about 30-50 pounds to your shipment’s total load. This is just one of the many factors that end up impacting pallet capacity and, ultimately, your final packaging investment decisions. Our experts will work with you and let you know when your shipment weight requires a custom design to provide you with an affordable and effective shipping option.

International regulations for pallet treatments

Where your wood pallets will be shipped is another big factor when it comes to buying new pallets. There are many strict international regulations and national restrictions associated with wood pallet shipments. Nearly every pallet shipped internationally will be stamped to indicate the type of treatment it received and where it originated.

Because we understand just how important treated pallets are for businesses, our heat-treated pallets go through an extensive safety process. They are an excellent choice for shipping around the world, and you can be proud when your international shipments feature our stamp!

HT pallets

Are wood pallets eco-friendly?

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With so many wood pallets in circulation, you may be asking if they are really a sustainable choice. Yes, they are an environmentally friendly shipping option. In fact, 95 percent of pallets are reused, reconditioned or recycled into landscape mulch. Please ask us about reused or recycled pallets when you’re considering sustainable shipping options for your business.

Fox Valley Wood Products Has a Wood Pallet Option for You

No matter your pallet lumber need, we have the wood packaging solution for you. Speak to a wood pallet expert today to request a quote for your upcoming project or call 920-766-4069.