Wood Pallet Design: The Key to Safe and Secure Shipments

In the United States alone, about 1.9 billion wood pallets are used every day, playing a crucial role in supply chains. These simple platforms are essential for transporting various goods, from everyday items to high-tech components for space missions. According to the Modern Material’s Handling Annual Pallet Report, almost 90% of daily-used pallets in the U.S. are made of wood. 

So how do we make sure that Fox Valley Wood Products pallets can handle our customers’ wide array of needs? It’s all in the design. 

Pallet capacity vs. Shipment weight

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Ensuring that your pallet can support your shipment weight is vital. Our wood pallets are designed to handle weights exceeding 4,500 pounds, providing strong protection for your goods. Each pallet adds around 30-50 pounds to your total shipment weight, affecting your packaging decisions. Our experts can help with custom designs if your shipment weight requires a specialized solution. 

International regulations for pallet treatments

When shipping wood pallets internationally, it’s crucial to follow strict regulations. Each pallet for international transport must have stamps showing its treatment type and origin. Our heat-treated pallets undergo rigorous safety checks, making them ideal for global shipping. Our stamped pallets meet international standards for safe transportation. 

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Are wood pallets eco-friendly?

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Considering how important sustainability is when choosing packaging, you may wonder whether wood pallets are a sustainable choice. These platforms are eco-friendly, with 95% being reused, reconditioned, or recycled into landscape mulch. When looking for sustainable shipping options, ask about our reused or recycled wood pallets to align with your environmental goals. 

Fox Valley Wood Products Has a Wood pallet Option for You

For all your pallet needs, Fox Valley Wood Products offers customized wood packaging solutions. Contact our experts today for a quote on your project or call us to discuss how we can meet your specific requirements.