Lumber and Dunnage: Premium Materials for All Your Needs

We know the importance of finding a dependable wholesale lumber supplier with the necessary inventory. Fox Valley Wood Products, with headquarters in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, is committed to providing construction-grade lumber and dunnage wood throughout Northeastern Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.

With two expansive warehouses devoted to storage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can get your lumber and plywood when you need it.

Diverse Material Inventory with Fair Pricing

As a Wisconsin wood supplier, we have a large inventory of lumber and dunnage. We purchase mill direct, rail car volume, to provide our customers with the lowest prices. Get the best price from a local company with a rich legacy.

lumber in storage

Lumber Dimensions and Applications

We offer a variety of dimensional lumber products, including Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) lumber, hardwood dunnage, Oriental Strand Board (OSB) lumber, certified plywood (CDX) and more. 

SPF/Softwood: Industrial and Dimensional Lumber Products

  • 4 x 4s 
  • 4 x 6s 
  • 4 x 8s 
  • 2 x 4s 
  • 2 x 6s 
  • 2 x 8s 
  • 2 x 10s
  • 2 x 12s 
    * Grades: #2, #3, #4 (Economy)

Rough Cut Dunnage Lumber 

  • 3 x 4 x 99.5” Pipe and Shoring Lumber 
  • 4 x 6 Hardwood and Aspen 
  • 8 x 8 Hardwood and Softwood 


  • ½” plywood (Grades: CDX and Shop)
  • ¾” plywood (Grades: CDX and Shop)
  • 7⁄16″ OSB (Certified or Non Residential)

Connect with Fox Valley Wood Products for Your Wholesale Lumber Supply

Let’s talk lumber! If you’re looking for a local wholesale lumber and dunnage supplier you can trust, know that Fox Valley Wood Products is in your corner. We offer competitive pricing with quick delivery for bulk or small piece count orders.

Contact a wood expert today or call 920-766-4069 to find the right solution for your team.