Custom Crates for Wood Packaging Solutions

Every shipment is unique. Fox Valley Wood Products has the knowledge to provide custom heavy-duty roll crates and shipping boxesOur designs include protective wood packaging able to withstand the toughest environments for both exports and domestic shipments, as well as heat-treated wood products to ensure exportability and longevity.  

What is a Shipping Crate?

stacked shipping crates
shipping crates on a flatbed truck

A crate is a shipping container consisting of a wooden base pallet and wooden sides, primarily used for storing or transporting goods. Crates taller than 30″ typically have at least one removable side panel and removable top panel. In addition, customers of Fox Valley Wood Products can also request crate dunnage loose lumber shipped in the crate. 

Engineering Expertise with All Sizes and Capabilities

We offer comprehensive in-house consultation and engineering for crating and packaging design. Our custom-made crates come in various sizes and are designed to suit your specific shipping needs, whether you have large or small items or rugged or delicate products. We also specialize in crafting custom wood boxes and crates suitable for heavy-duty, highly sensitive or overweight items. 


Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to assess your packaging requirements, enabling us to provide daily deliveries. We take pride in our responsive service, ensuring that your goods can be delivered quickly. Additionally, we are equipped to work directly with your shipping department if needed. 

What is a Roll Crate?

Our comprehensive range of roll crates caters to nearly any size converting role, making them an ideal choice for shipping metal cylinders within the paper industry. These versatile crates offer a blend of wood and steel options and are engineered with specialized saddles to provide strong support. Whether you require them for a single shipment or for multiple uses, our roll crates are designed to meet your unique needs. 

Our roll crates also adhere to the highest standards and are heat-treated, meeting ISPM 15 requirements outlined by the International Plant Protection Convention. This certification ensures that our crates won’t spread invasive species of insects, making them a reliable choice for transporting your machinery globally, without any environmental concerns.

Roll boxes

Wooden Crate Design Consideration

At Fox Valley Wood Products, we work with you to fulfill your custom crate packaging needs.

When seeking a crate quote, please consider the following: 

  • Overall dimensions 
  • The configuration/weight distribution of your product, including the shipping and handling environment 
  • Export or domestic shipping

Our box crate portfolio includes: 

  • Large heat-treated export crates  
  • Custom skeleton/stick crates 
  • Metal fabrication crates 
  • Large, angled crates 
  • Custom wood crates covered for warehouses 
  • Crate with shipping stencils

Crate Warehouse Capabilities for Your Shipping Needs

Fox Valley Wood Products is a leader in construction-grade wood shipping solutions, recognized for our commitment to excellence. We offer export wood packaging, ensuring quality shipments for international shipments.

We also provide a variety of wood shipping saddles, boxes, crates and wholesale lumber to meet your evolving needs. 

Three roll box saddles

Why Work with Fox Valley Wood Products?

  • Prioritize manufacturing operations that are critical to your business 
  • Reduce overhead labor costs and free up floor space – we keep wood pallets in stock  
  • Eliminate costly inventory, including lumber, nails and packaging materials 
  • Avoid injury handling wood and other fabricating tools

Being a family-run business, our core values are deeply ingrained in every facet of our operations. At the heart of our company’s principles is the commitment to providing same-day delivery and quotes, ensuring swift and efficient service tailored to our clients’ needs. 


To experience the expertise of Fox Valley Wood Products packaging solutions, call 920-766-4069 or request a quote.