Pallet Manufacturers are Key in Preventing Mold on Pallets

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Fox Valley Wood Products’ mold-preventative measures protect the quality of new wood pallets and crates. Those measures also ensure that we meet all ISPM standards for the safety of goods being transported.  Because moisture, humidity, and organic matter are the key contributors to mold growth on wooden pallets, we diligently adhere to the highest quality standards that protect your products during shipping.  

Pallet Manufacturers that Prioritize Product Protection

When you work with Fox Valley Wood Products you can have peace of mind that wood packaging material and hardwood pallets are handled with extra care. We store lumber and new wood pallets in dry environments with adequate airflow to minimize humidity and avoid moisture exposure.  

Moisture, Humidity and Organic Matter

Fox Valley Wood Products prevents moisture, humidity, and organic matter from affecting wood packaging material. When hardwood pallets absorb moisture, it creates an ideal breeding ground for mold spores. High humidity levels in storage or trailers allow moisture to accumulate on new wood pallet surfaces, promoting mold colonization. Dirt, dust, and debris on pallet surfaces can serve as nutrients for mold growth.  

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Improper Storage and Poor Ventilation

Fox Valley Wood Products has one of Wisconsin’s largest ventilated dry pallet storages. Storing new wood pallets in damp or humid areas can contribute to mold growth. FVWP’s facilities avoid contact with wet surfaces or exposure to moisture-prone environments. We also maintain the necessary airflow to allow evaporation. Inadequate ventilation in storage areas restricts air circulation around new wood pallets preventing moisture from evaporating and leaving damp surfaces to grow mold.    

Trust the Cleanest Pallet Manufacturer in the Industry

We understand the underlying causes of mold growth on new pallets, so you don’t have to. We maintain quality and integrity by addressing moisture, humidity, organic matter, ventilation, and storage practices.
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