ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets and Crates

Heat Treated ISPM #15 Pallets and Heat Treated Crates

Need export pallets fast? Fox Valley Wood Products can deliver large quantities of ISPM #15 - certified pallets of all sizes and configurations in record time. Our two truckload-sized kilns treat up to 2,400 pallets per day.

These same kilns are also used to treat all export crates and boxes to ISPM #15 standards. This capability provides fast turnaround for any and all export crate or pallet customers.

  • ISPM #15 pallets
  • Heat-treated crates and boxes
  • Large volume capacity
  • Fast delivery
IPPC Dunnage Stamp
Use: Identifies wood dunnage (blocking, bracing, chocking, etc.) as being heat treated and in compliance with ISPM 15. Lumber marked with dunnage stamp cannot be used to build finished products. Individual pieces typically stamped every 24".
IPPC Finished Product Stamp
Use: Identifies assembled wood packaging (finished products) as being heat treated and in compliance with ISPM-5. (Lumber marked with IPPC Finished Products used to certify pallets, boxes, crates etc.) Individual pieces of lumber are not allowed to be sold with this stamp. It can only accompany a finished product. Finished products stamp must be applied on two opposing sides.
HT Lumber Stamp
Use: Identifies individual pieces of lumber components as being heat treated. Finished products must originate from the use of lumber with this stamp. It is acceptable to cut off the stamp during the building process as this stamp does not make pallets, boxes and crates compliant. A finished products stamp (middle) must be applied on 2 opposing sides of finished products to make IPPC compliant.

Fox Valley Wood Products' mission is to be the industry's leading manufacturer of wooden pallets, wooden crates, specialty wood boxes and heat-treated ISPM #15 wood packaging.

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Fox Valley Wood Products provides wooden pallets, crates and specialty wood boxes throughout Wisconsin, including Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Madison, as well as the Chicago, Illinois area.

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