Hoping for a Better 2021


Changing the Narrative of our Nation’s Political Divide


How did we get here? I think we are all culpable to some degree. We consume social media to what suits our political view. We don’t bother to see the other sides position & rather ingest everything the media and politicians want us to believe about the other side. They want us to believe everything about the other side is all negative and that they should be viewed as our enemy. We need this to stop !

I am all about peaceful protests. Once violence, looting, destruction of property, or any other illegal activities are introduced to a peaceful protest it is WRONG and you are no longer a protester, you are a criminal and should be prosecuted as such. Whether you are “pro-Trump” or “pro-Democrat”, actions of that nature do nothing to “advance your cause”, but add fuel to the fire and provide the opposing side reason to feel validated in their thoughts and beliefs.

Whether you are someone who condemned the actions last year and try to condone the actions from yesterday, or are someone who condemned the actions of yesterday and tried to condone the actions last year, in my humble opinion, you are part of the problem. And that problem is one of a lack of respect: for our leaders (past, present, and future) and of our fellow brothers and sisters of all races, religions, genders, etc.

There is no hope for a “United” States of America until we can resolve the respect issue. The only hope of that is for all Americans to honor one of the greatest laws communicated by THE Great Leader: “Love your neighbor as yourself”.